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Building the #stressfreechickentractor

This year I have plans to change focus from egg layers to meet birds. From the research I did, meat birds in a chicken tractor seemed like alot less work than egg layers. A chicken tractor is a moveable chicken coop.

I purchased a book by John Suscovich that explained how to build a chicken tractor that he has worked with for several years. It seemed to work great for meat birds and was light enough for one person to manually move it. I purchased the book, ordered the supplies and here are some pictures showing the process.


California Orange Ordering now available.

Order California Oranges

Farmer Brad LLC has partnered with Sierra Vista Ranch which is located in Woodlake, California to provide top notch California Navel Oranges. Sierra Vista Ranch will ship the box of 25-30 oranges starting mid December 2016 – January 2017. This is the typical timeframe the oranges are ready to enjoy. Each box of oranges will be flat rate shipped via USPS to your door.

If there is an unexpected frost and the fruit is damaged there will be a full refund issued.