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Fix My Pond Series

Since we have lived on our homestead we have battled pond algae. The previous owners had a pond fountain that used up so much electric. Finally the  electrical cord to the fountain shorted out. The previous owners had some stock piles of pond chemicals that I gave a try. Using...


Why I'd rather own a Greenstalk for vertical growing

A couple years ago I purchased a GardenTower Project for growing and composting food scraps. I never could get anything to grow but weeds. I'm going to compare the GreenStalk and the GardenTower Project and my thoughts and opinions on both. GreenTower Project GreenStalk Pros: Cons: Pros: Cons: Easy to...


How can you protect yourself at home amid this pandemic?

When you go shopping during this COVID pandemic you can use a mask and gloves to help protect. What about when you are home? Detecting if you have a fever can be the first way of detecting if you might need further medical assistance. The video above shares about the...