As seen on Youtube - Farmer Brad Automatic Chicken Waterer

Since the Automatic Chicken Waterer started selling in March of 2015, several Youtubers have shown the Farmer Brad Automatic Chicken Waterer in action. Checkout their reviews in the videos below. These Youtubers enjoy these features of the chicken waterer: - Keeps Water Clean- Refills Automatically- Compact Design- Easy to Daisy-chain...


Top 5 Homestead Youtube Channels you should be watching

Here are some homestead channels you should be watching. These are listed in order of most to least number of subscribers as of 10-5-18.

1. Wranglerstar (1.1 million)
2. Justin Rhodes (332k)
3. SSL Family Dad (105k)
4. Homesteady (57k)
5. Hope this Works (567)