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Pre-Order Baby Chicks

Pre-Order Baby Chicks


 Reserve baby chicks before they hatch. The available quantity of chicks may very are only estimates. By pre-ordering them it lets Farmer Brad know you are serious about buying the baby chicks.  

Barnyard Mix: these chicks could include the following breeds: Australorp, Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, and Brahma.

Australorp Chicks: These chicks were bred as a result of both the roosters and hens being Australorps. The eggs were taken from a breeding pen where there were no other breeds having access. The roosters will produce about 3.5-4 processed meat weight. Then hens are great brown egg layers. The breeding stock was sourced from a breeder in North Carolina that focuses on dual-purpose production quality, instead of show quality.

Bantam Red Cochin: These smaller chickens lay smaller brown eggs. The hens will go broody and hatch out eggs easily.

Upcoming Estimated Hatch Dates Availability:
April 3, 2021: 40 Straight Run (1A/1B)

Currently not NPIP certified but working towards it.

PICK-UP ONLY. No Shipping. You'll receive a call when they are ready and schedule a farm visit. We are located just outside of Richmond, Indiana.

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