2020 Pre-Order Whole Chicken Down Payment - Farmer Brad LLC

2020 Pre-Order Whole Chicken Down Payment


Pre Order Whole Frozen Pasture Raised Chicken and Save. 

What you are purchasing
Pay $5 down per bird now to reserve your whole chicken for next year. 
Pre-Orders are sold in increments of 5 birds at a time. Only 125 birds are going to be available for pre-order at this time. By pre-ordering it locks you in the  $4/lb for the birds you purchased.

Pick-up at Farm or Farmers Market
During the end of May - July 2020 you will be able to pick up your whole chickens and pay the remaining balance. You'll be locked in at the low price of $4.00/lb for each bird you pre-ordered.

For 2020 the regular price of whole chickens will go up to $4.50/lb.

Example: Whole Chicken Weighing 3lbs

With Chicken Pass:
$5 Down per bird - Lock in $4/lb

Cost of Chicken $12
Pre-Order 5 Chickens: $25
Paid at Pickup: $60(5 birds weighing 3lbs) - $25(downpayment) = $35(remaining balance)

Without Chicken Pass:
Buy 5 birds that are 3lb each at $4.50/lbs = $67.50

In this example by the person pre-ordering whole chicken, they saved $7.50

1 = $25 Down payment (5 Whole Chickens)
2 = $50 Down payment (10 Whole Chickens)
3 = $75 Down payment (15 Whole Chickens)
4 = $100 Down payment (20 Whole Chickens)


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