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Little Giant Chick Corral Starter Kit

Little Giant Chick Corral Starter Kit


Chick Corral Starter Kit

The Chick Corral Starter Kit has all the supplies that you need to raise happy chicks. 


  • Chicken Brooder Kit ( M31AK)*
  • Brooder Lamp w/clamp (M3BF)
  • Red Heat Bulb 250 watt-125 volt (M3BG)
  • Red Flip-top feeder (BE02)
  • (2) 1 Quart Poultry Waterers (M3P5 & M3P4)
  • Thermometer (M31AL)
  • 100 dose pkt GroGel Plus-B (MCHG1)
  • Poultry Pocket Guide Booklet
  • Backyard Poultry Booklet

*The Chicken Brooder Kit comes with a washable and reusable plastic corrugated wall and an adjustable stand which includes a hook for a brooder reflector lamp to be hung. Enclosure measures approximately (3) feet in diameter and 16" tall. Suitable for up to 15 chicks, depending on breed.

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