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Automatic Chicken Coop Door




  • Hand Crafted - USA

Legal Disclaimer: 30 Day Return Policy. 15% Restocking Fee on returned merchandise. 1 Year Motor Manufacture Warranty.

Details: 1. EASY INSTALLATION. 2. STOPS PREDATORS! 3. YOU CAN START SLEEPING IN & STAY OUT LATE KNOWING YOUR CHICKENS ARE SAFE. This Motorized Chicken Door is operated by a timer for "Automatic" operation. The Automatic Chicken Coop Door is constructed from thick, high quality lumber. The sliding door is treated with linseed oil to preserve it for years to come. All products are hand crafted by a master carpenter in the USA. The Automatic Coop Door is operated by an electric motor. The chicken door is designed to be installed inside of a pre-existing wall and fits between 16" center studs (same as standard for housing). We prefer a very solid construction on our own coop so this is what we provide for our customers. This kit comes with free trim kits for the interior and exterior of the coop. This helps insulate around the door and preserves a professional look on your coop. The exterior trim kits has a tapered top edge so water will run off and away from your electric Automatic Chicken Coop Door and protect it. This auto chicken door can be manually opened in the event of a power outage. * Comes with FREE Timer for "automatic operation", Trim Kits, & 1 year motor manufacturer warranty. * All assembly hardware, door cutout template, power cord, & instructions are included with this purchase. The overall size of the of the door enclosure is 40-1/2″ tall 13-7/8″ wide and fits easily most easily between two 16″ centered studs. The opening for the sliding door is 13 ¼" x 16 ¾" and should be as exact as possible to prevent weather or anything else from getting through. To help with this, we send the door with a cardboard template to help you cut the perfect hole for your new Chicken Coop Door. You will also need to remember to have a power source run to the Automatic Chicken Coop Door as well. The motor is 120v 60herts 19watts.

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