2-in-1 Brix Salinity Refractometer Dual Scale 0-32% Brix & 0-28% Salinity with ATC Sodium Chloride in Food Salt Seawater Brine Beer fruits Cutting Liquid


  • Measuring Salinity range is 0~28% and Brix range is 0~32%, both in 0.2% divisions
  • Best for testing food preservation process for long shelf life and also test concentration of prepared food solution.
  • Used Mainly In Food Industry Like Seafood Curing Food, Pickles, Soup, Cooked Food, Fish Processing Products, Seawater, Brine, Etc.
  • Help check when to harvest by checking the ripeness of fruits and veggies. Can also be used in sugar solutions, fruit juice or milk beverages as well as measure total dissolved solids of Soup or Water-soluble glue
  • Also used in wine and beer industry to track fermentation process.

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