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Cloudponics GroPro Fully Automated Smart Hydroponic Controller



I'm a new unused GroControl - As far as I know mine is the only one available. Looks like Cloudponics has been out of stock for almost one year.


Works with Aero Force One - Monitor and Automate your Hydroponic indoor grow - Grow like a Pro - Control Remotely via a Smartphone App

  • GROW LIKE A PRO - The CloudponicsTM GroPro system is EASY to use. Select the plant or strain you wish to grow and the system will nurture it from seed to harvest. The CloudponicsTM GroPro is fully customizable, but you can also use the preset grow recipes. Follow your grow process on the app. A crowd sourced database of plant grow recipes allows you to give your specific plant the ideal conditions for it to thrive.


  • PERSONALIZED ASSISTANT RIGHT ON YOUR PHONE - The CloudponicsTM GroPro system comes with the GroApp that allows you to monitor and control your system from anywhere in the world. The CloudponicsTM GroApp will shoot you a friendly reminder to refill your water reservoir and also keeps track of nutrients, lighting, pH, temperature and more.


  • BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - By merging artificial intelligence and skilled human growers that daily check your plants, our Personal Grow Trainer service allows your plants to grow under optimized conditions tailored specifically for them, improving the grow recipes constantly.


  • FULLY AUTONOMOUS GROWING - You will be able to leave on a 3 week vacation without worrying about your plants, just use a secondary water reservoir to dilute the nutrient mix. Check on your plants from your CloudponicsTM Remote app anywhere in the world. CloudponicsTM gives you the peace of mind you need.


  • HOME GROWN HEALTHY PLANTS - By home growing your plants with CloudponicsTM you know for sure that they are healthy. The experience of watching your plants grow before your eyes and then consuming them is waiting for you.

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