Digital Meat Thermometer, Wireless Bluetooth APP-Controlled BBQ Cooking Thermometer with 2 Stainless Steel Probes


  • [Intelligent Meat Thermometer] The thermometer can be connected to APP through Bluetooth, which provides you with instant and precise reading of its temperature and make setting on the your smart devices. No need to put your eye on food all the time. You can search "EasyBBQ" on iPhone App Store or Google Play if your cell phone is Android system based.
  • [Highly Accurate Temperature Reading] Its probes' checking range is between 32u2109 to 572u2109(0u2103 to 300u2103) and its reading preciseness is A +/-1%, timely and exactly telling you your food's present temperature and associate you to cook your food to the ideal level.
  • [FDA Approved Stainless Steel Probes] There are 2 probes included in the thermometer's package, and they are both made of safety-certificated materials and FDA approved. Besides, the covering silicone handle can maximally bear up to 572u2109 and so you do not need to worry about it will generate harmful matters while cooking.(Note: The silicone handle cannot directly touch with open fire)
  • [SMART & EASY-TO-USE APP] The smart APP owns 11 preset food like beef, pork and lamb. Each of them has their own preset temperature based on their protein. When it comes to target temp or time, it will inform you to stop cooking. Besides, you could also customize a new temperature according to your preferences.
  • [Support up to 6 Ports] The item has 6 channel beside it, with which you can put 6 probes into the device and simultaneously check 6 different kinds of food. And there are 6 serial numbers for each channel to help you identify them. (Note: There is only 2 probes in its standard package.)

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