Pastured Poultry (Whole Chicken)


One whole chicken with varying weight. Ranges 2+ lbs.
These Cornish Cross Meat Birds are raised on pasture after 4 weeks.

  • NON-GMO Feed
  • At least 3 weeks on pasture
  • Cornish Cross (8 weeks)
  • Processed in a State Inspected Facility
  • Raised and processed in (Wayne County Indiana)

Pickup Order at the Farm (Greens Fork, IN 47345), Call 765-595-0408 to schedule pickup.
Pickup from the Richmond Farmer's Market Saturday's from 8am - noon at Elstro Plaza, Richmond, Indiana.

Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received.

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Raised and Processed in Wayne County.
Processed in State Inspected Facility.

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