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Aunifun Hydroponics Grower Kit DIY Self Watering Indoor Hydroponics Tools DWC Hydroponic System Planting Container Include Aquarium Air Pump Buoy Planting Box


  • u2605u2605u2605Color: Gray & Material: Plastic & Size: 28x19x13.5cm
  • u2605u2605u2605Package included:1 x Box &1 x Buoy & 6 x Planting Baskets &6 x Planting Sponges & 1 x Tweezers
  • u2605u2605u2605The appearance is elegant, is conducive to the growth of a variety of plant operations and plant.
  • u2605u2605u2605The roots are suspended in the reservoir beneath the net pots. The roots bathe in nutrient-rich solution throughout the entire grow cycle; which increases yield and reduces grow time.
  • u2605u2605u2605The basin cover and the planting basket adopt the dark material, which can effectively prevent the light from entering the basin, thereby reducing the growth of green algae in the nutrient solution.

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