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Comica CVM-AX1 Audio Mixer Adapter Universal Dual Channels 3.5mm Port Camera Mixer for Canon Nikon Sony Panasonic DSLR Camera Camcorder (Support Real-time Monitoring)


  • [Flexible Combination] The AX1 dslr audio mixer has two mono output jacks and one stereo output jack,supporting two 3.5mm microphones or multiple sets of wireless mics. Two volume adjustment buttons can independently control the input volume.
  • [Mono/Stereo Output Switch] This AX1 is an great audio mixer for dslr. Just adjust the button, you can freely choose the audio output mode you need and get different effects.
  • [Supports Positive/ Passive Mic] The CVM AX1 dslr preamp is suitable for most microphones. You can use it simply by adjusting the button according to your microphone's type.
  • [Support Real-time Monitoring] The CVM-AX1 audio mixer also has a Real-time Monitoring jack on the audio mixer that allows you to listen the audio while recording.
  • [Unique Design] This camera audio mixer is made of aluminum and is sturdy and durable. Three cold shoe connectors ideal for shooting videos with any DSLR or camcorder that has a standard mounting shoe.

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