Mighty Micro Waterer with Drinker Cups

Mighty Micro Waterer with Drinker Cups




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Water drinker cups
Auto refill
Connects to garden hose
Less mess, This waterer is specially designed for chicken tractors and small coops

Compact Design, ideal for small chicken coop or chicken tractor. Drinker Cups minimize dripping. Mounting Bracket not included

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  • Hello! I am new to keeping chickens so please forgive me ignorance. Will the chickens know to drink out of the little cups? My chickens are drinking out of a tray bucket type of thing from Tractor Supply and I like the idea of your waterer better. Do I leave the hose on and it automatically refills as it the water level lowers or do I just turn the hose one when I notice the water level is low? Thanks!

    What I do is push the valve so water is in the cup, when they go to try to drink that water their bill or beak will get the valve to release more water. They seem to pickup on it quickly. There is a float valve that will automatically refill the waterer. I turn on the garden hose about 3/4 of the way