Premier Chick Brooder Heating Plate - 12" x 12"


Brand: Premier 1 Supplies

Color: Black w/yellow adjustable legs


  • An alternative to a heat lamp. Less of a fire risk. A heating plate simulates a hen keeping chicks warm and cozy beneath her feathers.
  • Chicks stay warm by contact with warm underside of the plate. The bottom-side surface of the heating plate is warm, but not hot.
  • Height easily adjusts from 1.5" - 6" using adjustable legs to accommodate the size of your chicks.
  • Warms up to 20 chicks. Requires 110 volt outlet and uses 22 watts/hr.
  • Highly recommend using optional transparent cover (Item 540205 on Amazon) to keep heat plate clean by preventing chicks from perching on top. Save $$$ by purchasing heat plate and cover kit. (Item 540226 on Amazon)

Details: An alternative to a heat lamp that uses much less electricity. Uses 22 watts vs 175 or 250 watts for a heat lamp. A heating plate is not a heat source like a heat bulb; it is completely different. Less of a fire risk. A heat bulb becomes very hot and radiates heat downward. By contrast, the bottom-side of the heating plate is warm, but not hot. Allow the plate 1 hour to heat the unit before placing the chicks under it. As the chicks grow, increase height of the plate above the bedding with the adjustable push-button legs. Plate is most effective when chicks can touch the plate, especially when they are newly hatched. Heating plate is made of ABS plastic and polyurethane insulation. Requires 110 volt outlet. Has 70" cord length. HIGHLY recommend optional transparent plastic plate cover (item 540205) to prevent older chicks from perching on top and keeps unit clean. SAVE $$$ by purchasing kit with Chick Heating Plate and Cover included (Item 540226) on Amazon. 1 year limited warranty on heating plate.

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