Ryno Tuff Solar Charger Dual USB Solar Panel Charger, Compact, Durable & Waterproof Solar Charger for Cell Phone, PowerBank, and Electronic Devices, Great for Camping, Hiking or Traveling


  • u2600ufe0f NEVER GET CAUGHT WITHOUT POWER AGAIN: By using clean solar energy, you will always have enough power for all your electronic devices while camping, hiking or traveling. Using industry leading high efficiency X-Series SUNPOWER solar cells that ensure a high percentage conversion rate of 22%-25% your solar phone charger will power your way through your travels
  • 🏔ufe0f CONVENIENT AND TOUGH. Designed to be water-resistant (the solar panel charger is covered with 600D waterproof PVC canvas just be careful that the USB ports should not get submerged in water) corrosion-resistant and treated to withstand high temperatures it is one tough and durable piece of camping gear. The output ports are hidden in a protective pocket where you can safely store your devices while charging.
  • 🏕ufe0f LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE YOU WON'T EVEN KNOW YOUR CARRYING IT. The portable solar panel folds to a minimal 6x12 inches and will weigh just about a pound. Making it the ultimate solution for camping, backpacking or just about any time you know you will be in a place without sufficient power. The included carabiner hooks and reinforced loops make it easy to hang where needed like on your backpack while trekking on your RV while traveling or on your tent while camping.
  • 💪 BUILT TO LAST. We used only the best and the strongest materials to ensure long lasting durability. However, if you still have any concern, we do offer a "Lifetime Warranty" so any time your portable solar charger breaks down during normal usage we will replace it free of charge. Supports virtually all devices that are charged via USB and can take a 5V charge. It is compatible with iPhone, android and more.
  • 🌳 PLANT A TREE AND HELP US SAVE THE PLANET! Yes we are tough on the outside but inside we're just real softies. In addition to providing you with quality products our mission is to protect the planet we live on especially its forests. We want to preserve the beauty we enjoy for the next generation. With every purchase at Ryno Tuff we will plant a tree for you through the National Forest Foundation.

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