WoodOX Sling - The World's Most Ergonomic Firewood, Kindling, and Log Carrier - Designed in Vermont by LogOX and Made in USA (Patent Pending)


  • u2713 SUPERIOR ERGONOMIC DESIGN - For better balance, posture, and weight distribution while carrying firewood indoors than by hand, carrying bag, or tote. This unique cross-body strap design evenly distributes and balances the weight across your upper body like a messenger bag, causing far less strain on your back, arm, and shoulder, while also facilitating easier loading, unloading, and movement.
  • u2713 SIMPLE TO LOAD AND UNLOAD - Typical firewood carrying bags require a lot of bending over to fill and unload from the ground. The WoodOX Sling allows you to take firewood directly off of your pile, place it into the sling under your arm, and unload it while standing upright.
  • u2713 REDUCES TRIPPING HAZARD - Firewood fits securely under your arm, rather than having a bag full of wood hitting against your legs and household objects as you walk. The WoodOX Sling helps balance your center of gravity, and its low-profile under arm design makes maneuvering indoors much safer and easier.
  • u2713LED FLASHLIGHT BUILT IN - Developed in Vermont with UX in mind, by the same engineer who invented the best-selling LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool. This is the only firewood carrier on the market with a built-in replaceable flashlight, to help light your path and woodpile, while keeping your hands free to load firewood and open doors on a cold winter's night.
  • u2605 PATENT PENDING (US, EU, CAN, AUS) - PROUDLY MADE IN USA & GUARANTEED FOR LIFE - Made of heavy duty 18oz natural cotton canvas in rich forest green with a comfortable leather shoulder pad. Recognized by the Purdue University based non-profit organization, National AgrAbility Project.

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