Fix My Pond Series

Fix My Pond Series

Since we have lived on our homestead we have battled pond algae. The previous owners had a pond fountain that used up so much electric. Finally the

Satellite Image of pond before we owned the homestead

 electrical cord to the fountain shorted out. The previous owners had some stock piles of pond chemicals that I gave a try. Using chemicals was not a sustainable path because they cost so much and didn't seem to affect the pond in a positive way. You can see in the picture that the fountain when in use had very little effect. 

In part 1 of the Fix My Pond Series I show how to install a Hiblow XP-60 aeration pump. This pump uses very little electricity compared to the large fountain the previous owners of our homestead used. I used two weighted air hoses 100' and 50' 


In Part 2 I show how to use a 5 gallon bucket and a hiblow diffuser to get the diffuser ready to be installed in our shallow pond.

In Part 3 I attach the two weighted air hoses and carefully lower the diffusers into the pond.

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