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$59.99 Farmer Brad's Automatic Chicken Waterer

This product is great for most backyard chicken setups. Once you set it up your chickens will have fresh clean water 24/7. Connects to standard gardenhose and refills automatically. During cold temps manually refill and place a heated element in the bucket to keep from frozen.

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$89.99 - Automatic Chicken Waterer (Heated)

This All-Season chicken waterer will be a great fit for most backyard flocks. During warm months use the automatic refilling with a garden hose. During the winter manually refill and plug in the heated bucket to keep the water from freezing.

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$79.99 - 4 Gallon Automatic Chicken Waterer (Limited Quantity)

This larger version includes 4 gallon water capacity and 6 side poultry nipples which would work great for 22-35 chickens. The 4 gallon waterer has great durability with 70mil plastic thickness as well as BPA-FREE. During the winter manually refill less often compared to the 2 gallon version.

$3.33 Peterson Chicken Tractor Digital Plans (Pre-Order)

This chicken tractor design was created by Lisa Peterson. With permission Farmer Brad has been authorized to create digital plans based on her design. Pre-Order these designs before they are completed and save.

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