How to rebuild an IKEA coffee table.

How to rebuild an IKEA coffee table.

Like most married couples we have bought a few IKEA pieces of furniture. The price is affordable and it gets you by. Well lately I've been upset by how weak some of the IKEA furniture has become over time. The only IKEA part I saved was the table top. everything else I built using 2x4s and 2x2.

 Step 1: Sand off the top board

I used an orbital sander to remove the paint down the the fresh wood. The sand paper I used was 80 grit. I only removed the paint from the top, since that was where you would see the new paint job. It also removed some drawing marks made by the children.

Step 2: Cut 2x4 and drill holes

I cut the long 2x4 to a ball park distance. they will later be shorten. The table had some dole pegs on the short length of the table top. I will use those holes as references since I need to line it up to match.

I found the center of the 2x4 and drilled a hole for the dole rod. Then on the top I drilled holes that would allow for the screws to go into the table top about 1/2 inch without coming out the other side. The screws I used were 1 3/4 inch deck screws. Depending on the length of screws will determine how deep your holes need to be in the 2x4s.

I used the drill press to continue to drill holes. I didn't measure but I knew I needed holes at each end then I just ball park spaced them along the board.

Step 3: Glue and Screw into Place

Make sure to wipe up any extra glue that oozed out. At this point I went ahead and painted the new 2x4 with flat black spray paint.

Step 4: Make legs with 2x4 and 2x2

With the overlap of the 2x4 these legs will add strength. I put the 2x4 facing out the short side of the table top. Before installing each leg I spray painted the part that will attach to table. Paint everything in with spray can. Add it on very gradually to avoid running.

Step 5: Add furniture leg pads


to finish things off I added these plastic pegs. You can order a similar product here.

Step 6: Enjoy the fruits of your labor

Optionally you can finish the table top with a sealer, I'm still currently looking for the right sealer, until then I just keep repainting the top to remove any marks the children might add to it.

I hope this guide has been helpful. 

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