The Ultimate Guide to Hydrating Your Flock: The Farmer Brad Automatic Chicken Waterer

The Ultimate Guide to Hydrating Your Flock: The Farmer Brad Automatic Chicken Waterer

Taking care of chickens can be a delightful pastime, but it can be challenging when a full-time job gets in the way. As a web developer who moonlights as a farmer, I understand this struggle. So, I designed the perfect solution: the Farmer Brad automatic chicken waterer. It's a 2 gallon bucket equipped with 4 horizontal water nipples that chickens peck to get water. It also includes a float valve that refills the bucket automatically when hooked up to a garden hose or rain catchment system. But what makes it the best chicken waterer? Let's dive in.

Is the Farmer Brad Waterer the Best Waterer for Chickens?

While many types of waterers exist, not all are created equal. For instance, how do they hold up in fluctuating temperatures?

Chickens don't have a specific preference for warm or cold water. What matters is the availability of clean, fresh water at all times. If you get water from the tap and the hose is short then the water can get replenished more often. Another trick to keeping the water cool is to add a frozen water bottle to the bucket.

How Long Does Water Last in the Waterer?

Assuming a chicken drinks approximately 1-2 pints of water per day, a 5-gallon waterer can hydrate 20 chickens for about a day. The beauty of the Farmer Brad waterer is its auto-refilling capability, ensuring that your chickens will never go thirsty.

Keeping the Water Clean

A common concern for chicken owners is maintaining clean water. With the Farmer Brad waterer, your worries can be put to rest. The water nipples discourage dirt and fecal matter from contaminating the water, unlike traditional open bowls or pans.

To keep your chicken waterer from getting slimy, regularly clean it with a mild bleach solution, and rinse thoroughly. Also, keep it out of direct sunlight to limit algae growth. I usually place a copper fitting in the water to change the alkalinity of the water to minimize algae growth.

Can You Modify the Waterer?

Some may wonder, "Can you drill a hole in the top of the chicken waterer?" With Farmer Brad's waterer, there's no need for that. The design already includes a 1.5 inch removable cap that allows for a heated element to be placed in the waterer for winter.

Best Height for a Chicken Waterer

The height of your chicken waterer can significantly influence its effectiveness. The water nipples should cause the chickens to slightly tilt their head up. Just keep in mind if you have some smaller birds to place some bricks or blocks that the younger chickens can reach the water nipples easily.

Should You Hang Your Chicken Waterer?

Hanging your chicken waterer can be an excellent idea. It keeps it off the ground, away from dirt and pests, and at the right height for your chickens. The Farmer Brad waterer comes with an instructions on how to tie a larks head knot to easily hang the waterer with a piece of rope.

Feeding Your Chickens

Feeding chickens should be done twice daily - morning and evening. However, be cautious about throwing chicken feed on the ground as it can attract pests. Instead, use a feeder to keep the food clean and accessible.


The Farmer Brad automatic chicken waterer provides a convenient, clean, and efficient way to hydrate your chickens. With its automatic refilling feature and optimal design for cleanliness, it proves to be a top choice for busy chicken owners everywhere. Its design keeps in mind the answers to questions on the best height for a waterer and how to keep the water clean. Remember, a well-hydrated chicken is a happy chicken!

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