Top 3 List: How to prepare for Winter.

Top 3 List: How to prepare for Winter.

As winter is just around the corner in the midwest. I share the top 3 things to help get ready for winter.

1. Have at least one week of feed on the farm.

Winter storms can interupt to transportation of feed to areas. You should keep at least 1 week of feed on hand at any one time. 

2. Keep your animal waterers from freezing.

I've used heated elements to keep water from freezing. Since during the winter I have about 20 birds that stay in the barn, I've created an IBC tote continuious flowing and heated water system. I fill it up once and it's good for the entire winter. 

3. Service generator. You want to make sure that no matter what winter throws your way that you are prepared. Make sure to change the oil, check the air filter and spark plugs and always have a surplus of fuel on hand. In my case the generator uses gasoline.

Check out the video below:

collaborated with another youtuber Andrew. Checkout his video and channel below to see how he prepared for winter.


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