Top 5 Tech Devices for your Homestead

Top 5 Tech Devices for your Homestead

These are the top 5 tech items that will make your lives easier on the Homestead. I don't have a lot of time for chores but when I do I make sure I use technology to be more efficient. (The products featured send you to Amazon via an affiliate link which helps support our farm. If you'd like to support our Farm with your amazon purchases then please visit before searching for the items you'd like to purchase).


  1. Wyze Cam (Wireless Security Camera)


    Barn Security CameraBarn wyze footageThese cameras are priced affordably and store to the cloud for 14 days for free. The Wyze camera works great for monitoring animals about to give birth or to help problem solve remotely when others are doing the chores while on vacation.  Wyze makes several smart devices that help your farm. Their devices need WIFI access and electrical plug or powered USB. Even though this camera is really made for indoors there are some 3rd-party outdoor cases that have worked great. 

  2. Smart Plug/Socket with Dual USB Ports

    This Alexa and Google Home enabled plug allows you to turn on or off this plug with your smartphone from anywhere. I use this with my fence energizer to be able to turn off my electric fence from anywhere in the world. It works great for being able to repair the fence without having to go back to the barn to shut off the energizer.

  3. Automatic Chicken Waterer

    The Automatic Chicken Waterer refills automatically when connected to a garden hose during warmer months. During the winter the 2-gallon bucket can be refilled when a heated element is dropped inside the bucket. Your backyard chickens will enjoy the clean and unlimited water.

    1. Drone

      A drone on the farm can be used to inspect buildings and also see how drainage is happening in your pastures. When I run pastured poultry it can easily show how well the grass is coming back.

    2. Sensor Push Temperature and Humidity Sensors


      Sensor push allows me to monitor temperatures in my chicken tractors, greenhouse, coolers that I take to the farmers market. It helps me monitor my livestock environment. Data will be stored on the sensor for up to two weeks. So if you go near the sensor with your cell phone within a two-week window then the temp/humidity data will be collected and stored. If you want to monitor live stats then a gateway would be needed. The wifi gateway will communicate with the sensor and load the data into the cloud for safekeeping.
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