Main Street Richmond Indiana

Calle principal Richmond Indiana

El centro de Richmond, Indiana, ha cambiado mucho a lo largo de los años. Recientemente, Richmond recibió una subvención Stellar que permitió la construcción de nuevos carriles para bicicletas en el centro de la ciudad.
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My husband and I both will be moving back to Richmond soon! We very look forward to the constant use of the bike trail! We are used to accessing a bike trail in Alaska ALL year round!and that… is tough! This bike trail in Richmond… is sooo wonderful!

Kimberly Metzner

The bike paths are a stupid waste of money , unlike indy we do not need or use it , i have seen 1 bike since they were finished and 2 cars , they take up to much room , accidents are inevitable , if they were going to dig up the streets i would rather look at fountains down town instead of an empty bike path and now parts have to be redone because they were made to big , absolutely ridiculous.

Tina reece

Boston IN resident…..remembering old Minnick’s grocery//Boston INN

mary paddock

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