Chicken Rental Packages


Have you ever wanted to raise chickens for eggs, but didn't know where to start? A 3 or 6 month chicken rental package is a great way to start.

- Start with egg laying hens
- See if chickens are a good fit with your family
- Everything included to get started

 Basic Chicken Rental Package Deluxe Chicken Rental Package
Hens 2 4
Pounds of Feed 100 200
Waterer Basic Chicken Waterer Automatic Chicken Waterer
Feeder X X
Coop X X
Education Book X


Down Payment $100 $100


 Total Cost BASIC - 3 months BASIC - 6 months Deluxe - 3 months Deluxe - 6 months
Rental $300 $450 $450 $600
w/ BuyOut $550 $650 $675 $800

The $100 down payment is non-refundable. It will allow for a new coop to be built if a coop isn't available. Any questions please email

$25 dollar per hen replacement fee if hen is lost or killed by predators.

Delivery Fee
First 50 miles is free. Any one way milage over 50 is $0.545 per mile. To estimate find how many miles away from Greens Fork, IN.

Buyout Option
If everything is going great and at the end of the rental period you'd like to keep everything: Coop, hens, waterers, feeders and any remaining feed.


Educational Book
Once the downpayment is made then an educational book is sent, so the renter can read up about chicken care etc. After rental is over keep the book as a free gift.


- Farmer Brad LLC is an affiliate of Rent-a-chicken®
- Farmer Brad LLC is protected by liability insurance

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