Common Rural Pests and the Dangers They Bring

Common Rural Pests and the Dangers They Bring

While living outside of the city provides many benefits, it also has its challenges. You'll notice that the further away you live from the city, the more diverse the pest population becomes. If you live in a rural area, here are some common pests you should know about and the dangers they bring.

Wasps and Hornets

Working outside as a farmer or as a rancher presents their own specific types of dangers. What you may not realize is that your daily work causes you to interact with many other hidden dangers. One of these dangers is the hive of a wasp or hornet colony. These vicious and aggressive insects enjoy making their nest inside of walls, inside of your outdoor buildings, and under the eaves of roofs. One or two wasp stings isn't fatal. If you receive multiple stings, it could cause symptoms. These symptoms could prove fatal if you have a bee allergy. Keep a sharp eye for hives and avoid them or remove them to reduce the danger.

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Mosquitoes are the flying annoyances that terrorize you and your family during the spring and summer seasons. These common rural pests are not only annoying, they're also dangerous. The most apparent annoyance of mosquitoes is their bites. They feed on blood, both human and animal, so you will develop an itchy, red bump on your skin. The scratching of this itchy bump has the chance to cause an infection. That's just the first danger. Subsequent dangers include the transmission of blood-borne viruses such as the Zika virus, West Nile virus, malaria, and yellow fever.

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These furry little rodents have been a plague upon the existence of the human race for its entirety. Rats and mice will infest your home to chew through the food in your cupboards and pantry. If these troubles aren't bad enough, the urine and droppings of mice and rats carry bacteria that is dangerous to humans. Rats and mice have brains that are so small, they don't have a cortex that controls their biological functions, so they will simply urinate or defecate anywhere at any time. This means they can urinate while scurrying across the dishes in your cupboards or the grain and feed in your barn. Mouse poop is full of dangerous bacteria and can carry diseases such as salmonellosis, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, or hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.

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While the danger of pests and infestations is always present, remaining vigilant with proper pest control is your best defense. Proper pest control whether preventative or extermination is essential for a healthy happy lifestyle.

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