Farmer Brad's Unique Chicken Rental Service: As Featured on WISH-TV's Indiana Grown Segment

Farmer Brad's Unique Chicken Rental Service: As Featured on WISH-TV's Indiana Grown Segment

Are you curious about raising backyard chickens but hesitant to dive in? Farmer Brad LLC, as featured on WISH-TV's Indiana Grown segment, offers a unique solution: our chicken rental service. This isn't just a rental; it's a journey into the world of sustainable living and hands-on learning for your family. We provide an educational book to help educate ahead of the rental how to take care of your backyard flock. 

Our comprehensive package includes everything you need: healthy chickens, a movable coop, feed, and our innovative automatic chicken waterers. These waterers are a game-changer, ensuring your feathered friends are always hydrated with minimal effort – perfect for busy families!

The service is designed for a 3 or 6 month rental period, allowing you to fully experience the joys and responsibilities of chicken care. If you find it's a good fit after 9 months of rental then there's a buyout option available. Our service area is central and southern Indiana.

But we offer more than just equipment. At Farmer Brad LLC, we're committed to providing an educational experience, giving you and your family a deeper understanding of where your food comes from and how to care for animals.

Join us on this adventure and discover the simple joys of backyard chicken care. Watch our WISH-TV feature for more insights and visit to start your journey today!

If you are in the Indianapolis are you can purchase our Automatic Chicken Waterer from our partner Agrarian Indy, in the Broad Ripple area, 

 Click to Learn more about our rental package: Let's embark on this exciting journey of backyard chicken care together!


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