Keeping Your Chickens Fed and Watered While on Vacation

Keeping Your Chickens Fed and Watered While on Vacation

Vacations are essential for relaxation and rejuvenation, but if you're a backyard chicken keeper, you might be wondering how to ensure your flock stays fed and watered in your absence. Fear not, fellow chicken enthusiasts! With a little planning, you can enjoy your much-needed break without worrying about the welfare of your feathered friends. In this blog post, we'll explore various methods to keep your chickens well-fed and hydrated while you're away.

  1. Automatic Chicken Feeders Investing in an automatic chicken feeder can save you time and energy, even when you're not on vacation. These feeders are designed to dispense food at regular intervals or when triggered by the chickens themselves. There are several types of automatic feeders available, such as:
    • Treadle feeders: These feeders release food when a chicken steps on a pedal. They're a great option for reducing waste, as they help prevent rodents and wild birds from accessing the food.

    • Gravity feeders: These simple feeders use gravity to dispense food as the chickens consume it. Ensure that the feeder is large enough to hold sufficient food for the duration of your vacation.

Tredle Feeder

  1. Automatic Waterers Just like feeders, automatic waterers come in various designs to keep your chickens hydrated. Some popular options include:
    • Nipple waterers: These waterers use small metal or plastic nipples that release water when pecked by the chickens. They help maintain a clean water supply, as the water is only exposed when needed.

    • Cup waterers: These systems have small cups that fill with water when triggered by the chickens. Like nipple waterers, they also help keep the water clean.
    • Gravity-fed waterers: These waterers use gravity to refill a basin as the chickens drink. Be sure to choose a waterer with a large enough capacity to last the length of your vacation.
    1. Enlist a Chicken-Sitter If you're not comfortable relying solely on automated systems, consider hiring a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member to check in on your chickens. A chicken-sitter can refill feeders and waterers, collect eggs, and ensure that your chickens are safe and healthy. Be sure to provide them with detailed instructions and emergency contact information.

    2. Pre-Vacation Preparations Before you leave, take some time to prepare your coop and run for your absence. These steps will help ensure that your chickens stay happy and healthy while you're away:

      • Clean the coop: A clean environment is essential for your chickens' health. Remove soiled bedding, scrub feeders and waterers, and add fresh bedding to make your coop vacation-ready.
      • Check for predators: Inspect your coop and run for any signs of predators, and repair any weak spots in fencing or netting.
      • Provide entertainment: Chickens love to scratch and peck, so provide them with enrichment items such as a dust bath, perches, and food-dispensing toys to keep them occupied.
      • Install an automatic chicken coop door: Adding an automatic chicken coop door can offer extra security for your flock while you're away. These doors can be set to open and close at designated times, ensuring your chickens are safely secured at night and deterring predators from entering the coop.
    Run Chicken Automatic Chicken Coop Door

      With the right tools and planning, you can enjoy your vacation knowing that your chickens are well-cared for. Automatic feeders and waterers, along with the assistance of a trusted chicken-sitter, can ensure your flock remains happy, healthy, and thriving in your absence. So go ahead, pack your bags, and have a fantastic trip!

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