The Peterson Chicken Tractor Plans

The Peterson Chicken Tractor Plans

I'm a part of the Pastured Poultry group on facebook. While in that group a member, Lisa Peterson shared some photos of the chicken tractor design that she uses. It's a cross between the Joel Salatin and a John Suscovich style chicken tractors.

What drew me to the design was that it was larger than the Suscovich and was cheaper. It also was easier to move and easier to retrieve the birds when it came to harvest time. I contacted Lisa Peterson and received permission to put together plans and a how to build video. She will receive royalties from each plan purchase. 

This chicken tractor costs between $130 and $145 USD compared to the Suscovich chicken tractor which is around $250. I'm not knocking the Suscovich style. I have built one and it has been great. 

This year I wanted to make sure all of my chicken tractors could be moved by hand (with dolly assistance). I didn't want to have to fire up the chicken tractor every morning to move the chickens. 

Consider Pre-Ordering the Plans and Save. The price will go up once released.

What's Included:

- Purchase List & Cut List
- Step-by-Step Instructions
- Access to complete Build Video


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