Why I'd rather own a Greenstalk for vertical growing

Why I'd rather own a Greenstalk for vertical growing

A couple years ago I purchased a GardenTower Project for growing and composting food scraps. I never could get anything to grow but weeds. I'm going to compare the GreenStalk and the GardenTower Project and my thoughts and opinions on both.

GreenTower Project
Pros: Cons: Pros: Cons:
Easy to Assemble Planting pockets too small Easy to Assemble No Compost Tube
50 Planting Pockets Compost tube didn't work Simple Design 30 Planting Pockets
Uneven watering More Affordable ($150)


The vertical growing system called GreenStalk is simple design that has a patented watering system to help make sure each level gets the same amount of water through out. The plant pockets are larger and allow for fewer but larger and healthier plants with more soil to support better root growth. Recently I saw how you can remove each section to move them around. The Garden Tower you zip tie together.
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Garden Tower Project
I purchased the garden tower project thinking this would be a great option on our deck with easy access to herbs and other product. I also liked the idea of composting food scraps. But honestly you have a compost pile to compost not a growing tower. I could never grow anything in it but weeds. It might have been me not starting with potting soil.

If you are looking for DIY ideas on ways to grow vertically check out this great guide from a Happy DIY Home
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