Automatic Chicken Waterer (2 Gallon)


(Redesigned) This Automatic Chicken Water has been redesigned with the best parts out there.
Make your chickens happy when they are delivered clean waterer with Side Mounted Water Nipples
- Less vertical space required can sit bucket on the ground without leaking when manually refilling. Added flexibility with a 2' hose to connect to a garden hose. Quick Connect
- Easily daisy chain 2 or more buckets in a row. This water bucket saves you time, and keeps the water fresh for your chickens. Bucket height can be adjusted unlike other chicken waterers. *bucket-style/color may vary due to availability. * float valve style may vary due to availability.
  • Uses Quick-Connect Adapters
  • Keeps Water Clean
  • Refills Automatically
  • 4 Side Mounted Poultry Nipples

This is the best chicken waterer on the market. 

Now you can choose water nipple styles between Horizontal and Drinker Cup. Please note drinker cups are more likely to freeze in colder climates even when using a heated element.  

 Military Discount Available for this product

Order Online and in the notes mention pickup at Farmer's Market, Delivery to a Wayne County Address, or have delivered via USPS. Farm pickup of this product is no longer available.

Over 1200 chicken waterers have been sold.

UPC: 684758408006

Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received.

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