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Farmer Brad Chicken Waterer (Heated version)


This 2 gallon chicken waterer will automatically refill during the warm months by using a float valve and being hooked up to a standard garden hose water source. this automatic chicken waterer for winter and...

4 Gallon Automatic Chicken Waterer (Limited Supply)


4 gallon Automatic Chicken Waterer. Limited inventory is available! This an FDA BPA Free 70 mil Food Grade bucket. It's capacity is 4 gallons which will help in the winter time when you have to...

Automatic Chicken Waterer (2 Gallon)


(Redesigned) This Automatic Chicken Water has been redesigned with the best parts out there. Make your chickens happy when they are delivered clean waterer with Side Mounted Water Nipples - Less vertical space required can...

4 Gallon Poultry Feeder


As seen on SSLFamilyDad . This 4 gallon chicken feeder features one Rent-A-Coop Chicken Feeding Port. This will help protect the food from the elements.

DIY Chicken Waterer Kit 2018


Kit includes: - 4 side mounted water nipples - 1 Garden Hose to 1/4 inch quick connect - 1 two foot section of 1/4 tubing - Float valve with quick connect

Farmer Brad Brooder Bucket


This 2 gallon non automatic bucket works great for brooders. It contains a very large watering cup that will supply water to many baby chicks at once. In the lid is a removeable cap to...

1000GPH Electric Adjustable Flow Garden Submersible Pump


Apply to ponds rockey,aquarium tanks with water recycling equipment matching,large flow and super silence Use ceramic shaft,wear resistance,no rust and long service life. Both fresh and seawater,do not contain copper element The locked rotor protection...